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Manitoba Cash Advances

You shouldn't have to miss out on anything, even between paydays when you're short on cash. That's why Cash Money® offers short-term cash advance loans to Manitoba residents. A Manitoba payday loan can provide emergency cash, help bridge the gap between paycheques or meet any other short-term cash needs. And they're easily accessible at any Cash Money store!

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A Cash Money store is never far away. With extended operating hours - and several 24-hour locations - we're available whenever you need cash in a hurry! Select your province or enter your postal code to get started on a quick and easy loan experience at a store near you.


Manitoba Cash Loan Services

Manitoba Cash Money stores are designed to get you in and out fast with little to no waits and extended hours on evenings and weekends. At a Cash Money store, one of our advance experts will walk you through our simple loan process, and you'll leave with your cash the very same day. We're dedicated to getting you the cash you need in the quickest way possible!

In addition to cash advances from $50 - $1,500, low finance rates and Express Approval, Cash Money locations in Manitoba also offer cheque cashing, currency exchange, and Western Union® services.

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