Cash Money

Getting a Payday Loan

How It Works

When you’re in the middle of a financial emergency and you need a payday loan as quickly as possible, you don’t have time for a lengthy and drawn out application process. Cash Money offers a simple, 6 step loan process to get short term loans to those who need it – when they need it most. When you’re looking for online payday loans, follow the steps below and get started with your application right away.

6 Simple Steps

Payday Loan Questions and Answers

Learn more about the loan process, fees, and terms below. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Visit our Payday Loans FAQ page or speak to one of our Customer Service Experts by calling 1-877-526-6639.

Requirements to Apply:

Open Chequing Account

Source of Income

Working Phone Number

Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older

Cash Money offers online payday loans and loans by phone. Simply call us at 1-877-526-6639 or start your application online.

Yes! Cash Money offers an Express Approval process at all of our stores. With this process, we will do whatever it takes to verify your income – even if you don’t have the paperwork.