How Do Line of Credit Loans Work?

Borrow only what you need, pay only for the time you use it.

Only Pay for the Time
You Use the Cash

Get Cash Advances
without Re-Applying

Loan Stays Open as Long
as You Need It

Line of Credit Loans Explained

1 Apply

Fill out your personal loan application in minutes. Line of credit loans are available in select provinces online up to $5,000 and in stores up to $10,000.

2 Verify Your Income

Once you submit your application, there’s one last step to receive a lending decision. Provide information that documents your income either by using our online portal, by directly emailing Customer Support, or by providing this information at one of our branches.

3 Receive Lending Decision

Upon submitting your loan application and income verification, we will review your information and provide you with a lending decision.

4 Get Cash

If approved, get your cash fast. Select how much you want to borrow, up to your approved credit limit.

5 Make Regular Payments

Pay back your loan over time. Make additional payments towards principal or pay off early to save on interest paid.

6 Get Additional Cash Advances

Need more cash? Get additional cash advances without having to apply for another loan. You can access cash advances up to your credit limit.

Why Choose a Line of Credit

Only borrow what you need, only pay for what you borrow

Access to funds on an ongoing basis

One-time application; no need to reapply for more cash

Not sure if a line of credit is right for you?