Cash Money volunteers at Hope mission

Over 200 Served at Hope Mission

Published March 25, 2020

Cash Money employees compete hard and do what is right. It’s our rallying cry, even with a wind chill of -47.2F / -44C. So on January 4, 2020 team members braved just that to help the homeless at Hope Mission in Edmonton, Alberta.

The team wanted to join forces with Hope Mission because of their focus on the impoverished people in their own community. A team of 10 Cash Money employees not only prepared and served a meal to over 200 people, but they made a second meal to be served at a later time.

Cash Money volunteers in front of delivery truck

The team also delivered dozens of boxes filled with donated clothes and food that were collected from each Cash Money store in town. Those donation boxes were a huge hit because of the joint effort of both Cash Money employees and customers. And it’s not just us: Hope Mission employees even said that they had never seen so many donations from one company. The team had to use a U-Haul truck to deliver them!

Courtney Tinck, Calgary District Manager, commented on what it’s like to work for a company so dedicated to serving its community. “We love being part of a company that wants to learn about and be involved in our community,” said Tinck. “It’s not just about having a job, but being part of something bigger.”

And that’s exactly what Cash Money employees are doing: being part of something bigger. Cash Money and Hope Mission have worked together for years. Sharon Gagnon, an Edmonton District Manager, said they have really upped the ante with employee efforts.

“We will definitely team up with Hope Mission again,” commented Gagnon. “As we were leaving, we were getting thanked left and right. I took a moment to watch my team interact with the people whose lives they just touch, and every one of them was beaming.”

More Cash Money volunteers in front of delivery truck in the snow

Jenn Myshak, District Manager for Edmonton, explained that every December since 2017 her district has also worked with Hope Mission. Since the holiday season is in December, which is also one of the colder months of the year, Myshak and her employees decided it would be the most beneficial time to volunteer.

“We collected food and clothing donations that added up to roughly 30 boxes of warm clothes and non-perishable items,” Myshak said.

Regional Director Ally Taylor said Cash Money can have a stigma around its business. That it can be seen as taking and not giving. But she strongly believes in supporting the communities her team serves on a regular basis, to make the community better for all.

“We’re reaching out to create ventures to participate in that are close to home, in our communities,” said Taylor. “With the engagement of our staff, Customers and community, we’re all benefiting from it.”

More Cash Money volunteers at Hope mission