Debt Management

Are you constantly losing sleep thinking about your increasing credit card bills? Are you stewing about how long it'll be until you are out of debt? Debt can be a vicious cycle and can take control of your finances; if you don't take control first.

Debt can happen to anyone, regardless of how much money you make. We all need to live within our own means; otherwise we may end up in debt. There are many ways you can get into debt, and loans and credit are just a few ways to quickly land you in the debt house. Debt can be stressful. And while Cash Money doesn't have the magic secret to clear all your debt, we do have some advice to help relieve your financial strain.

Ask Your Creditor for Help

Many creditors will work with you to accommodate your situation. Call your creditor and talk to them; explain your situation and see if they're willing to help. While this may not solve your debt problems, it might make payments easier and help avoid additional charges. The creditor may be able to take a partial payment, workout a payment plan or even extend your due date. The sooner you talk to your creditor, the better. If you know you won't be able to make a payment, call them as soon as possible.

Get Free Advice from the Experts

We understand that you may not want your friends, family and coworkers to know about your financial stress, but not talking about your financial strain can actually increase your stress level. Professional resources are available at no cost. Take comfort talking to an expert and get free advice directly related to your debt situation.

Try these websites to get debt advice and support.

Credit Counselling Canada

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services

If you choose to take out a payday loan to pay off debt, know that it will increase the level of obligation you're currently facing. Payday advances should only be used if you know you can repay on your next pay date.