Keys to Responsible Borrowing

Cash Money is here to help when your cash flow is low. When you need cash for a short period of time — a couple days or a few weeks — our service isn't meant to be used for long-term cash needs. If money is already tight, please be advised that a Cash Money loan will only add to your financial commitments because your loan will be due on your next payday. If you decide to move forward with a cash advance, the following tips can help you borrow responsibly.

Borrow Only What You Need

The higher amount you borrow, the higher the fees. Just because you're approved for a high dollar amount, you don't have to borrow the full amount. Only borrow the amount you need to get through until payday. Your loan amount — plus fees — will be due on your next pay date, so be sure to budget for the following pay cycle accordingly.

Understand the Costs and Terms

Before taking a payday advance, make sure you fully understand the loan terms and how much it will cost. If you're considering borrowing from Cash money, please read our loan rates and terms page first, and ask questions if you need clarification. We want you to completely understand your loan fees and the repayment process before agreeing to the loan terms. Once you sign your loan documents, you are responsible for repaying the full amount plus fees.

Look Into Alternatives

Before taking out a cash loan, consider all other options. Do you have a friend or family member willing to loan you money? Can you temporarily cut an expense out of your budget? Do you have savings in place? A cash advance loan should only be an option after other resources have been exhausted.

Make Sure You Can Pay Back the Loan

Avoid getting caught in a cycle of payday loans by making sure your next paycheque will cover all of your monthly expenses plus your loan amount and fees. If you feel that you cannot repay, consider borrowing a smaller amount or researching other options.