General FAQs

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The Basics

Yes, we accept government assisted income including Employment Insurance, Child Tax Benefits, Social Assistance and Canada Pension Plan. We are unable to accept Social Assistance as a form of income for Manitoba residents.

The quickest and most convenient way to manage your loan, take out a new loan, get a cash advance or make a payment is through your online account or the mobile app. Alternatively, if you have your loan number handy you can make a payment without signing into your account through quick pay.

If you choose to pay off your loan in cash at a Cash Money store, you can immediately take out another loan. If you choose to repay your loan by having the funds automatically transferred from your bank account, we will need documentation showing that the payment cleared if you want another loan right away.

Loan Application

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Open Chequing Account
  • Source of Income
  • ID Showing You’re 18 or Older
  • Working Phone Number

If you don’t have a paystub or bank documents, we are happy to work with you to verify your income and bank account at a Cash Money store.

Health Cards are accepted as valid ID. However, Health Cards issued in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are not accepted.

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